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School started up last week for my kids and they are slowly but surely getting settled back into their routine.  Backpacks are getting filled, lunchboxes eaten, and routines are starting to stick.  As the non-working parent, the chores of getting the kids ready for school fall to me, which I am happy to take on.  I’m a bit of a control freak, and I really like knowing what’s going on with my kids. And this is where I step into the “Mommy Wars” and say that I’m really grateful I get to be home with my kids and not have to go to work. FirstRead More →

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See that hyphen in the title up there? That’s not a typo.  I drive a Mini.  And I have 2 kids with activities all over town.  Needless to say, I’ve had to become an expert on being a soccer mom without the convenience of a traditional minivan.  I’ve got three main tips on how to manage the chaos of getting kids to their after school activities with efficiency and most importantly, your sanity. The Snacks. For the kids and for you. Most of my children’s activities occur right after school. Making new brain wrinkles while in school takes a lot of energy which means theRead More →

Success is buried in the garden of failure. – Rick Wakeman       Earlier, I updated on my garden success stories.  Today, we turn to the failures. On the failure front, the onions were a complete bomb.  And I think it was because I failed to bury the bulbs deep enough into the soil. The bulbs never really grew bigger, although the green tops did get nice and long. Onions- you made me cry this season, but not for the right reasons. I also planted peppers- a standard green bell pepper and habaneros.  Again, the reason for failure here was on my part.  OurRead More →

As we start to near the end of the summer growing season here in the Rockies, it’s only appropriate that I update what’s in my garden. This summer I planted 3 varieties of tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, 2 habanero peppers, onions, watermelon, cucumber and pumpkin.  Phew! That was quite a list. And while we had some successes, we also had some failures.  This post is a report on our successes- and boy did we have some! This year I chose not to start from seeds.  Although I did purchase a small adjustable grow light (that report is for another day), and I did start someRead More →

A clever detective would see that it’s been over a year since I last posted. Why you might (or might not) ask? Well, let’s call it a relapse into the same old grind of kids, family, and volunteer obligations. But I like to write and it keeps calling to me. So, a reboot is in store. Perhaps I will relapse again- school starts up soon in these parts- but at least there’s hope in a reboot. How about you? Are you ready to tend to a part of yourself that you’ve neglected?Read More →