Welcome to Cultivate the Garden!  My name is Poorvi and I am a relatively new resident of Colorado (does living here for almost 7 years still count as new?).  My husband and I moved out here to raise our family a little closer to  nature and a little farther from the chaos of big city living. We still live in the city of Denver, but now we have mountains to play in and a little bit slower way of life.   I’m transitioning away from being a securities and finance lawyer and have found that my soul feels most settled when I’m out in nature- be it hiking in the mountains or in my garden.  And that’s how Cultivate the Garden was born. You see, I’m notoriously bad at tending a garden. But since I’ve started to get serious about turning my brown thumb green,  I’ve been cultivating my garden- reading, digging, and praying to the weather gods. And along the way, I’ve realized that I don’t need to just cultivate my vegetable garden, but I also need to cultivate the garden that is my soul.  I’m here to grow what makes me happy.   Join me on my adventure, won’t you?



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