Once the again the earth has almost completed its rotation around the sun and it is time to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. I always wonder if people are truly offended when someone wishes them a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah…..I’m not Christian or Jewish, but the sentiment is still the same. Someone is wishing me well and who am I to turn away good tidings? Anyways, I’m popping in here to wish you all a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Winter Solstice. May peace be with you and your loved ones.    Read More →

Well, it’s been over two weeks since we, the people of the United States of America elected Donald J. Trump as our President. I’ve made my way through the stages of grief. I’m currently stuck somewhere between anger and acceptance.  I cried. Dressed in black. Left all of the house chores undone for a week. I bargained with the higher being, promising to be a better person if only I could wake up from this awful dream. But the reality is, we are stuck right here. Right in this awful place of knowing that the progress our country has made- economically, politically and socially- isRead More →

  My book club recently read The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother, by James McBride.  In today’s world filled with racial and cultural conflict, McBride’s memoir is refreshing and inspiring. Although this book isn’t newly published, its messages are timeless. Written in 1996, The Color of Water explores the challenges of growing up biracial in a poor family in New York. James McBride is the eighth child of thirteen kids. His mother, Ruth McBride Jordan, was a Jewish immigrant who grew up in a loveless and broken home in the Deep South. McBride’s father and step-father were African-American menRead More →

Now that it’s almost the end of September, I think it’s only appropriate to make a list of September resolutions.  You may have heard the phrase “September is the new January”.  I suspect this line of thinking originated from someone who lives by the academic calendar, where September marks the beginning of a new school year. Regardless, September has always felt like a great time to take on new challenges. I recognize that reading through other people’s resolutions can be a drag, but I’m writing these down in an attempt to keep myself accountable, but also to show you all that in the end, weRead More →

  We are in the midst of spring fall cleaning in our house and boy does it feel good. We’ve been feeling cramped in our house, which means it was time for a refresh. We’ve purged and plundered our house. And the best part of it all is that we’ve spent $0 on the project. While we’ve gone through several different rooms in this process, the room that feels the freshest is the kids’ playroom. Our house has a traditional “formal living room” in the front. You know, a place to sit on expensive furniture and have tea with guests.  Now, I don’t know aboutRead More →

When researching for her book The Happiness Project , Gretchen Rubin was fortunate to be able to interview her former employer, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  When asked what Justice O’Connor thought the secret to a happy life was, she replied with three simple words: Work worth doing. Whoa. What a statement.  In it’s brevity comes such power. And it’s a statement that has been floating in the back of my mind for some time now, particularly now that I’ve stopped doing the work I used to think was my life’s work.  You see, ever since I was in high school, I knew that I was goingRead More →

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When’s the last time you and your spouse went on a date? Just thinking about the effort in booking a babysitter, making dinner in advance for the kids AND the sitter, and staying up past my bedtime is making me tired.  Yes, I have LOTS of fun going on dates with my husband, but going in the evening can be exhausting (and not to mention expensive).  So, we’ve come up with an alternate solution: Date Day.  Yep- we go on dates during the day. My husband is fortunate to have one day a week off from his job, and every so often, we will useRead More →

You know how some restaurants have a “secret menu” where you can get secret combinations of their awesome food? Well, I like to think that there’s a secret school supply list as well. This list goes way beyond the backpack, notebooks, pens and pencils. This list is where the real stuff is.  The stuff that will help you get through one of the most dreaded parts of going back to school. That’s right- it’s the list that will help you fight the back to school cold. This is high on my thoughts right now because, you guessed it, the plague of back to school coldsRead More →

It’s no secret in my household that fall is my favorite time of year.  The promise of holidays to come, the cool crispness in the air, and pumpkin spice lattes for everyone! As we enter into September here in the Rockies, I had a moment of pure satisfaction when I looked up and saw that trees in our neighborhood were just beginning to turn yellow. While the fall in the Rockies doesn’t quite bring the same amount of color as on the East coast (reds and oranges are almost nonexistent here), the yellows are still stunning and beautiful. Catching the shimmering aspen leaves on aRead More →

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Today’s the day! Today’s the day! It’s Watermelon Day! I picked one of the watermelons today and can’t wait to open it up with the family tonight. It’s small for sure, but for our first time growing a melon, I call it a true success.  Also harvested today were a ton of grape tomatoes, a Black Krim tomato, and a few Gold Medal tomatoes. And lo and behold, hiding in the back was a giant green bell pepper, waiting to be picked.  Nestled in the plant next to it was ANOTHER bell pepper which I decided to let grow a little before harvesting. You know,Read More →