What’s in My Garden? Part 2: The Failures

Success is buried in the garden of failure. – Rick Wakeman





Earlier, I updated on my garden success stories.  Today, we turn to the failures. On the failure front, the onions were a complete bomb.  And I think it was because I failed to bury the bulbs deep enough into the soil. The bulbs never really grew bigger, although the green tops did get nice and long. Onions- you made me cry this season, but not for the right reasons.

I also planted peppers- a standard green bell pepper and habaneros.  Again, the reason for failure here was on my part.  Our tomato plants literally overshadowed the peppers, resulting in plants that just couldn’t reach the sunlight to grow. We did get one bell pepper off the plant, which was delicious. But one pepper does not a success story make. I’ve had bumper pepper crops in the past, so this year’s lackluster result was a disappointment.

The last and perhaps most disappointing failure was our pumpkin patch.  We had huge blossoms that promised fruit, but nothing ever set. I’m not sure what went wrong but I do plan on researching more to see what we can do for next year. The kids had been looking forward to carve home grown pumpkins, so I think we need to try again next year to see if we can get it right.  Any more experienced gardeners have thoughts on how to get those pumpkin blossoms to develop into actual pumpkins?

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