Psst…I have a Secret

Dear Readers…I’ve been keeping a secret. My secret is that I started the Whole30 diet a little over a week ago and so far, it’s been really interesting to see how my body reacts.

You’ve probably heard about Whole30 program- it’s a program started by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. The main gist of the Whole30 is to cut out certain foods like sugar, grains and dairy so that you can see what effect those foods have on your body.  Oh, and no alcohol for 30 days either. No alcohol +2 young kids= let’s just not talk about it.

Why am I doing this? Well, I know my crutch is sugar and I’m determined to kick that beast out the door. The tough part is that sugar shows up everywhere, so it’s been a lesson of reading labels and really thinking about what you’re eating. Also, I’m on a lifelong quest to be strong and healthy- I’m not talking about an ideal number on the scale. No, I’m talking about being able to keep up with my kids and show them how to be strong and healthy.

Days 1-7 of Whole30

Because no adjustment in what you eat is easy, this was a tough week. There were times where I wanted to eat All. The. Things. As my body adjusts to not eating carbs and sugar, my mind keeps telling me it wants some crackers and cheese. And don’t forget to throw some chocolate on top.  The morning I made pancakes for my kids was pure torture. All of this topped with a sugar withdrawal headache, and boy was it tough. No one’s ever said breaking a habit is easy.

Boy, I’m making this sound super fun, aren’t I?  Despite what I just said, I have been sleeping so much better this week. I will fall asleep quickly and wake up in the morning refreshed. No more insomnia for me.   I’ve also loved being re-inspired in what I’m cooking.

Tips for Making it Through the First Week of Whole30:

  1. Meal plan like a boss. I’m not one for planning out meals- I usually start thinking about what to make for dinner around dinner time. But by meal planning, I can get a head start on prepping ingredients and I can take the thinking out of the equation when all I want to do is eat. I’ve actually been using my bullet journal to help stay on top of this.
  2. Snack plan like a boss. Snacking isn’t encouraged on the Whole30, but they recognize that you might need a snack as your body adjusts to your new way of eating. Having high protein snacks like hard boiled eggs and nuts available is a lifesaver.
  3. Remember you’re the boss. When it starts to feel tough, think about why you’re doing this.  I want to be stronger and healthier and I think that understanding how certain foods affect how I feel will help me reach that goal.

Are you a Whole30 master? Any tips on making it through? I’ll post another recap next week!








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