Whole30 Recap Days 15-21


Phew! Well, here we are 21 days into this little experiment, and boy do I feel good. I’m feeling stronger than ever- I smashed through some personal records at the gym this past week. I haven’t had a surge of the “Tiger Blood” that the program talks about, but I definitely feel stronger and more in control of my body.

The Lack of Appetite

The program definitely talks about the lack of appetite that can happen in the third week. While at first blush it seems like a good idea to be eating less, it’s actually not ideal. I’m exercising and going about my daily business and my body needs the fuel to do so. Part of this lack of appetite is because I’m just bored with my food choices. I’ve purposely kept my food choices simple for the past three weeks and the food fatigue is starting to show. I really need to go online and search for some interesting and new recipes.

Tiger Blood

I like to exercise on the regular- it helps keep the crazy away if nothing else. While I don’t feel like I can lift a car up with my own hands or anything, I DO feel strong and can see the difference in my workouts. I use a rowing machine in my workouts sometime and my split times went down dramatically in the last week. I haven’t really changed anything other than my diet, so I feel that I have to attribute the breakthrough to that. That’s a win I’ll take!

Whole 30 and My Clothes

I have noticed a difference in how my clothes are fitting. They are starting to be loose in certain areas- as always, a nice surprise.

Tips and Thoughts For Making it Through The Third Week of Whole30

  1. The biggest tip is to mix it up if you can. I haven’t done a great job of it, but I know I need to open up the recipe book and try a few new recipes to make it through this next week.
  2. I’ve got an event to go to this weekend that will definitely have alcohol and yummy desserts at it. I’m determined to make it through without breaking the Whole30. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. I know I’m not done yet, but I am taking a moment to pat myself on my back for making it this far. I can do this- and so can you!!

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